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"The most eye-catching trunk technology" rebec series for car audio retrofit

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Next, I would like to introduce a music enthusiast's car audio modification: three band suit speaker, bass, power amplifier, trunk, A-pillar and other reverse mold processes, lighting design are all available! The car owner chose the Rebec three division RS6.3 set speaker as the main feature. The tweeter unit is made of 25mm silk film imported from Japan, and the mid-range unit is made of special silk film imported from Europe. The surface of the sound film is coated with a special damping coating to make the sound clearer and richer. The bass unit uses Rebec's classic RV6A mid-range bass unit, as well as speakers and power amplifiers of other products.

The refitted equipment can be seen at a glance -- Rebec three division frequency, subwoofer, power amplifier

A good sound stage should enable listeners to feel the presence of performers on the stage, and be able to clearly distinguish the position and distance of instruments and singers.
The Rebec triple division tweeter unit is installed by A-pillar reverse molding process. In addition to widening the tweeter field, the tweeter unit installed on the A-pillar is at the same height as the human ear, allowing the listener to enjoy the beautiful sound quality effect of Rebec trisection more comfortably. In addition, the tweeter unit of the A pillar can better reflect the strong music atmosphere in this Mazda Ruiyi car.

The figure above (A-pillar membrane pouring process) is the first one to be mentioned

The A-pillar tweeter membrane is wrapped with flannel, and the mid-range horn and tweeter are installed on the A-pillar to form an 8 character, which makes the sound field wider. The outer skin of the A pillar is the same color as the original car, which does not affect the beauty of the interior decoration.

The installation of the front sound field -- the rebec three division mid-range bass unit (and the dazzling lights to make the whole effect more dazzling and eye-catching. PS: The light will be on only when the door is open.
Let's enjoy it again!

Focus on the overall design and installation of the tailbox. For Mazda's wide boot space, it seems easy to install several power amplifiers and speakers on the surface. In fact, in the eyes of Shanghai Yinhao Modification Shop, sound modification is more similar to work creation besides construction! The installation process of tailbox equipment often reflects the importance attached by the refitting shop owner to the technical level and construction details.

Boot installation: The Rebec amplifier and other amplifiers are installed side by side. The design volume in the middle of the boot is just right. The subwoofer unit, mid-range unit and tweeter unit are installed. With the light, the whole boot effect is integrated and interesting! It provides a good environment for the visual enjoyment of the foot, and also allows the audio equipment to play its best standard! And save boot space!!

The highlight of the whole boot effect is the reasonable application of lighting, which adds a bit of mystery to this luxurious sound system.