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The latest RebecC6A is a feverish outfit that entry level bikers go gaga over

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A classic product that keeps selling well: in 2015, RebecC6A two-part frequency set horn was grandly put on the market, which is a horn product designed for entry-level users. It embodies the technical precipitation of Rebec research and development team for many years, once on the market, that is, with its exquisite process design, excellent sound quality performance, sincere pricing, favored by the majority of users. In the past three years, several times was sold to almost out of stock, heat can be seen, become Rebec speaker series worthy of the name of the shipment NO1!

Ingenuity and craft achieve high quality
The unit of C6A treble adopts the structure of silk membrane ball top. The flexible and elastic quality of German silk makes the treble sound extremely thin and soft. 20mm voice coil, 59mm installation depth, such A small figure, can be easily installed in the original car position, and the A column inverted film requirements are lower, so as to shorten the construction time of audio modification.

The diameter of the bass unit is 6.5 inches, using Rebec mature and proficient pulp fiber fishing hot pressing molding sound basin technology, this technology makes its internal resistance and rigidity good; The carcass is coated with a red harmonic absorbing coating, which makes the sound clear and pleasant and also prevents moisture. The improved and mature NBR rubber ring provides impeccable anti-aging properties and gives you superior control over sound performance.

Extreme sound quality to meet listening needs
The subjective hearing sense is that the balance of C6A is good, which can meet the requirements of most music lovers. The transient response is good, the low frequency is plump, elastic, the timbre is warm, the high frequency performance is delicate and sweet, and the sound field is open. It not only allows us to enjoy the music freely, but also enables us to enter the music naturally, feel the thoughts and emotions in the music, and get the joy of soul rising from it. In addition, the C6A can be pushed directly from the main engine, making it the preferred package speaker for entry-level systems.

C6A Technical parameters:
Rated impedance: 4ohm、Medium bass unit size: 165mm/6.5"
Tweeter unit size: 20mm/0.79"、Rated power: 50W、Maximum power: 100W、Sensitivity: 91dB
Frequency response: 62Hz~20kHz、Magnet specification: 70mm/2.76"、Installation depth: 59mm/2.32"、Mounting aperture: 138mm/5.43"