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The national audio terminal chain seminar was held in Dongguan Baifu!

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Innovate retail and operate in depth! Fine small class, hard core dry goods, heavy execution, get results! 2020.12.27 is a memorable day. On this day, the first summit seminar of national chain stores in the Sound Terminal was successfully held and successfully concluded in Dongguan Baifu!

The training will be led by Mr. Chen, the founder of the audio terminal. How to achieve rapid increase in turnover in the epidemic year? How to Deepen the Automobile Audio Market? How to quickly improve the competitiveness of our stores and other issues, President Chen analyzed and explained one by one for everyone!

It is better to teach people how to fish than to teach them how to fish. How to shoot the video of drainage? How to find an angle? How to cut it after shooting? In view of a series of problems, the professional team of the wharf conducts hands-on teaching on the spot, so that every docker can gain a lot!