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Why do many big brand speakers choose Rebec

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On this day in 2020, imports of audio brand is still occupies the domestic audio modification for half of the market, like Denmark, France, Dan, strength, Danish gentleman treasure, and so on is still admired by many enthusiasts brand, but there is also a part of the national brands carry the banner of the made in China, song like navigation, peremptory became the measure of domestic players, More such as Rebec has become the representative of the domestic audio brand, carrying the glory and dream of the majority of car audio national brands!

After 11 years of technical development, Rebec officially stepped out of the domestic market in 2018, competing with many excellent car audio brands on a bigger stage, representing domestic brands, and becoming the first audio brand to formally enter the international market. From the initial in more than 10 countries, now has been in more than 30 countries shine, the achievement is not only cost performance, more is the stability of product performance, voice real expression, write legend with strength, shine in the world!

In fact, compared with the loudspeaker, the legendary power amplifier series of Rebec is especially worth mentioning. The reason is special, because it is listed in the public expectation, and has been recognized by the vast majority of domestic stores and enthusiasts, but this is always inseparable from the high performance and high cost performance of the legendary power amplifier!

And before the legendary amplifiers unlisted Dan, strength the wave, the gentleman treasure and so on big case, system collocation of amplifiers are often expensive, mainly imported brand high-end amplifier, these imported brands of high-end amplifier on the horn is absolutely no problem, as for the effect, each flower into the eye, small make up also is in a review, these imported high-end amplifier what all good, Is the price is high, often tens of thousands of a power amplifier, so some owners will tangle: I don't want to waste Dan take such a good horn, but the store recommended power amplifier is a little expensive, how to do? In order to meet the market demand, the Rebec legendary series was officially launched in 2012 under the call of enthusiasts, breaking the pattern of the voice modification market!

This is why now many Dena, Jin wave, Gent Bao and other high-end speaker cases, will appear Rebec Legend series of power amplifier main reason

The first: the power put has enough strong control force and analytic force, can develop the effect that gives horn due, present the big scene music that is like being in the scene!

Second: price conscience, 11 years of independent research and development of domestic brands, unlike many brands on the market hang sheep's head to sell dog meat, selling the import price under the name of foreign brands, but actually domestic manufacturing, cheating many enthusiasts!

As the most advanced series in Rebec power amplifier product line, Legend series four-way, two-way power amplifier at the beginning of the development of the system to test and adjust the set of speakers such as Dana, on this basis, constantly consider, consider every detail of circuit design, components. After several years of research and development, the legendary series has been updated again, from the original ES2/ES4/ES160/ES100 power amplifier to the current GS2/GS4 power amplifier and then extended ES812/ES608 Legendary series audio processor, Rebec has been moving forward!

It, designed for top of the line speakers, Rebec Legend series power amplifier