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Hubei Wuhan Station, the second stop of Baifu Tour Evaluation Conference in 2020

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Following the successful holding of the first stop of the Baifu Tour Tasting Meeting in 2020 -- Shunde Audio Wharf Station tasting meeting, the second stop came to the car audio shop of Wuhan Audio Wharf in Hubei Province. The tasting meeting will be led by Mr. Yuan Huaqiang, the technical director of Baifu, the national evaluator and the winner of the golden ear! On September 3 - September 9 in Wuhan Audio dock car audio shop launch!

This year has been an extraordinary year for Wuhan. After the outbreak, the whole city is also rebuilding its vitality. If you want to ask what is the taste of Wuhan in September? That must be osmanthus! In September, osmanthus flowers in Wuhan are already in full bloom. Walking in the streets and alleys of Wuhan, you can smell the faint fragrance of osmanthus flowers. Everything is coming back and life is on track. There are many options to enjoy life, and music is one of them

Sound wharf main store door head

At the beginning of September, with the fragrance of osmanthus flowers, Baifu tasting meeting also came to Wuhan sound dock, seven days of activities to experience or upgrade the car audio enthusiasts, enthusiasts in an endless flow! To bring chic brand-new experience to everybody, TEACHER YUAN Huaqiang is also carrying mysterious "tuning artifact" come to the scene personally, conduct tuning for everybody personally. And according to your listening needs to give a reasonable solution, with a week to create the ultimate sound for everyone, to bring enthusiasts a different tuning experience!

Field tuning diagram

In addition to the excellent sound of debugging for customers, during the tasting meeting, many customers attracted by the reputation also got the cost-effective upgrade plan tailored by teacher Yuan Huaqiang through on-site upgrading. Through the customer's model, budget and listening to the needs of the point of view, personally match the scheme and perfect tuning of the whole set of services are all exciting, as long as the customers have said to earn! In the sound upgrading scheme, the combination of Rebecqin, American diamond, Italian Roman God of War and DJ is undoubtedly a classic collision of fire. Finally, coupled with teacher Yuan Huaqiang's personal debugging, can be called perfect.

Field tuning diagram

In the seven days, Yuan Huaqiang teacher not only dedicated to the car friends to create a good voice, but also personally to the shop to do technical training, guide the store modification technology in the installation, tuning and other aspects of technology to improve, but also personally and customers face to face communication, together to discuss car audio modification. Fundamentally understand the customer's real demand for audio modification, in order to give customers a "color, smell and taste" audio feast.

Waiting for vehicles on site

During the seven-day tasting event, Mr. Yuan Huaqiang, with his exquisite technology and excellent strength, not only brought the previous store flow to Wuhan Audio Wharf, but also improved the customer satisfaction. Wuhan Audio Wharf store not only gains the technical improvement of its own team, but also has a new breakthrough in performance! This Baifu tasting meeting and customer zero distance contact, in order to let more people understand the real car audio charm! Not only let the shop owners can learn more knowledge at the same time also strengthened their own technology, seven days of tasting will come to a successful end!