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In 2020, the first stop of the new round of Baefu tasting meeting came to Foshan Shunde Audio Wharf headquarters. The tasting meeting will be led by Mr. Yuan Huaqiang, the technical director of Baefu, the national evaluator and the winner of the golden ear! From August 8 to August 15 in Shunde Audio Wharf car audio shop launch!

Sound wharf main store door head

In this scorching August car friends enthusiasm like fire, this should be 7 days tuning will end Shunde station, but in all the fever owners of the strong request! The event will end on the 15th with an extra day! In eight days, Johnny is busy from morning to night, and continuous overnight work has become normal! Professional tuning technology and service spirit has won the recognition of the majority of car friends, the scene stream, tuning is favored!

Field tuning diagram

Free diagnosis audio | targeted solutions
For the sound system has been changed, Johnny free diagnosis and provide targeted promotion scheme to tune, the whole process down, can be said to spend the least money to get the biggest improvement!

Site upgrade diagram

For new users as it goes | training within the installation and debugging

One car one solution, experience "Asian champion" professional collocation and tuning technology! The modification scheme and tuning of each car are guided by Jango himself! Car friends are also praised constantly! Follow up the whole process of installation, at the same time, training store internal staff professional quality and skills! Teach a man to fish, and teach him to fish!

On-site guidance and training

Part of the owner praise and photo

In a period of eight days, Shunde sound terminal shop turnover broke one million! During this period can be said to meet all the car friends endless pursuit of music! The successful end of the tuning meeting, the owners of the Yuan teacher to the car industry audio industry professionalism and superb technology. Vision to hear all feeling and satisfaction.

(1) In the modification of equipment a month should be a shop for tuning, in a new equipment installation of the horn have a run-in period. After a month of time to play, the equipment of a sound quality will have a great promotion, so the shop to debug again!

(2) Modified half a year of time some of the horn analytic force and sound quality effect once again has a significant improvement, in a time of the problem of the details of the horn sound quality and listen to the car for a long time. Should have to shop again debugging!

(3) Modification of a year, we must shop for a horn debugging and inspection. An installation of the sound system needs at least three times and more tuning to be able to play a good effect.