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Baifu Appreciation Meeting - Foshan Shunde Audio Terminal Station!

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This activity "Asian champion king" strong brother carrying a mysterious instrument to attack, a lot of early know this activity of the owner already can't wait, strong brother has not arrived at the door of the shop has been parked full of cars, want to early to make an appointment waiting for tuning.

I think the car friends also understand this with the previous taste of different styles will have what significance, after all, playing car stereo must know what tuning means for a good car stereo, if the sound system equipment is secondary, installation is the main, then tuning is the soul of the whole system.

Jargon cloud: "A good sound system, three points by equipment, seven points by installation and debugging", installation is the top priority, tuning is the finishing touch!

Jango to the store just sat down buttocks did not sit hot began to "enthusiasts" match equipment, provide a perfect solution, and personally participate in the installation and subsequent debugging.

The journey of tuning has officially begun
Free diagnosis audio | targeted solutions

In view of the modified sound system, Johnny free diagnosis and provide targeted improvement scheme and then tune, the whole process down, can be said to spend the least money to get the biggest improvement. This Lexus RX200 active three frequency, after the "Asian champion king" strong brother personally diagnosed, targeted upgrade. The final effect is self-evident, get on the car to listen to it is clear!

Free diagnosis audio | targeted solutions

If the sound system is stuck, why not try to boost the wire? System of a acoustics, the wire of high quality chooses, can have better transmit effect to whole acoustics system, also can excavate its excellent potential completely come out.

Tuning artifact | new experience

ONE car, one solution, this ideal One brand new experience "Asian champion" Brother Qiang carried by the tuning magic device site debugging, technical innovation, the first domestic! For the majority of "enthusiasts" to bring a new tuning experience!

Asian champion wang | the scene teaching

In the process of tuning, strong elder brother also does not forget to impart experience to peers, as the saying goes, "review the old and learn the new", in the process of imparting not only oneself reviewed again, imperceptibly will understand more thoroughly. And they will ask questions from different angles than you might think, which will improve your understanding of the problem. Therefore, helping others to improve is also to improve themselves, I believe that Johnny's tuning technology will be more sophisticated!

Hold on tight if you haven't booked yet! Make an appointment! Don't miss this rare opportunity!