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The third training session of Baifu's Dharma Hall was successfully completed!

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The beginning of this year has been particularly difficult compared to the past, and the car audio industry is no exception. In this sudden epidemic, no matter the brand, manufacturers, stores have been affected to a certain extent. Half a year later, although the epidemic has stabilized, many stores in the industry are still difficult to recover. There are only a handful of stores that are doing well, so how do you stay in business in the current environment and drive traffic to your stores? In order to help the major stores to solve the problem, broaden the idea, Baifu · China "Dharma hospital" car audio offline training July 8 as expected, during the month by the turnover of millions of stores for everyone to share one by one!

On-site products: Rebetchen car audio, American diamond car audio, Italy Rome Ares wire, DJ all-around environmental sound insulation!

The importance of correcting your thinking pattern! -- Mr. Deng, Operation Director of Baifu & General manager of Guangzhou Selling Music

Zeng Guofan said: "Those who seek great things, first focus on the pattern." There is a word: the pattern determines the outcome. Visible, a person's thinking pattern is how important, see a person, first of all to see his thinking pattern. "Your thinking pattern determines the height of your life" this saying I believe many people have heard. Similarly, in the car audio industry, your thinking pattern also determines the height of your own store business.

Mr. Deng first focused on explaining the meaning of the correct thinking pattern, and then from the composition of the automobile industry to why do we need multiple components? It gives us an analysis of the composition of the industry and the role of each segment. To the moment to the car audio retail ten years ago and now contrast, focusing on the changes of the car audio industry in the past two years, especially from last year's industry hot to this year's industry depression, how to change their thinking pattern at this time highlighted its importance.

So car audio retail in the future, should be engaged in how to request an industry?

Deng always finally use 3 "professional"! (Important things to say three times!) Tell us not only to do car audio, more to do professional car audio, as the saying goes: "Hammering also needs its own hard, without whipping from courting hoof". Only improve their own strength, and return to the beginning of the heart, back to the year just opened a shop with a car to do the mentality, is gold why worry not to shine?

How to effectively drain the store?
-- Mr. Chen, General Manager of Baifu & Foshan Audio Wharf

Now is the era of network development and the rapid rise of we media. Especially under the influence of the epidemic this year, online marketing is both "danger" and "opportunity". How to use correctly and successfully to attract customers to their own stores, Mr. Chen will tell you how to play Douyin!

Douyin has been officially popular since the beginning of 2018, two years after it was deposited. Under the influence of the increasingly saturated promotion methods and the epidemic, how to make good use of the currently popular app is something we need to think about. So how to shoot a good short video successful drainage? Chen took out his own set of mature shooting system, focusing on the importance of a good script! A good script is the core of attracting traffic! Then I shared with you how to efficiently manage employees, how to quickly increase 100 sales staff and other dry courses, so that everyone benefited a lot.

Basic shooting and editing process of short video
-- Feng Mama, director of Baifu Network

If you have a direction, then it's time to take action. In the aspect of shooting and editing, Ma Ma, the director of Baif network, took the stage to share.

What is the best way to shoot? Think about what you want to express while shooting and how can the editing better present what you want to express and how can it shine. It can be said that Chen and Ma Ma share the dry food with better results! And everyone in this room is already itching to try their hand at editing!

How to use Douyin well
-- A Jin, President of CarCAV

This training also specially invited A Jin, president of CarCAV. It can be said that everyone in the industry knows his words when using Tiktok, "Come and tear down my sign!" I believe this phrase has become a proxy for him, but it also proves that he has a great influence on Tiktok in the industry. Ah Jin shared that "Douyin should not be complicated, should be simplified," to attract new customers while serving old customers and other dry goods. One by one through the initial trial and error out of the experience let everyone harvest!

Innovation in tuning technology
-- Yuan Huaqiang, Technical Director & Tuning Master of Baifu

Johnny live hand teaching, playing with car audio tuning!

Although the annual meeting was not held successfully this year because of the pandemic, the rewards will never be late. At the end of the training session, awards were also given to the stores with outstanding contributions last year. We hope to make further efforts this year and create great achievements together!

Now video promotion has become a mainstream model. This training session mainly focused on the importance of thinking pattern, the shooting and editing of short videos, Douyin's gameplay and marketing and promotion methods. Tiktok does a good store business is generally not bad, again proving the importance of video marketing promotion in this era, audio modification market. However, the ability of a store is limited, as the same as the audio modification industry, we should be more united and win-win!

From then on, this by Baifu · China hosts "Damo hospital" car acoustics the third period of offline training perfect end. I would like to express my sincere thanks to the mentors for their years of experience, and thank all the stores present for their support!

Join Baefu family, stand on the shoulders of giants, and help you achieve your dream of stores!