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Congratulate Dongguan Baifu on winning the Golden Carpenter Award of China Automotive Aftermarket in 2019

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In the past year, Dongguan Baifu has been deeply cultivating the market with excellent products and services. From design to manufacturing, Dongguan Baifu's products are meticulous! Its Rebec DSP and Ares optical fiber audio line won the "Recommended Product of the Year" award in the 2019 China Auto Aftermarket Goldsmith Award! Thanks to the users of Baefu products and the judges of relevant professional institutions!

Annual Recommended Product Honor of China Auto Aftermarket Goldsmith Award:

Rebec ES812 DSP processor

Rebec ES812

Legendary series ES812 is an 8-in, 12-out professional audio processor developed by Rebec after 2 years of research and development. It supports optical fiber and coaxial input, 192kHz/24bit sampling rate, each channel can be independently or in parallel for 31 segments of balanced debugging, and an independent control panel for easy control. 12 output channel easily play front and rear active frequency division system plus middle or bass, especially suitable for luxury car multi-channel system upgrade.

Rome, Italy, God of War IMP-3915 fiber audio cable


Rome God of War Wire believes that good music edified sentiment, the brand aims to create better music conditions for the sound system. IMP fiber audio line has advanced woven nylon mesh outside the protection of the wire body, multi-layer shielding active barrier outside interference, line core is high purity POF glass fiber conductor, to ensure sound quality lossless transmission, rich and full tone. The GOLD-plated copper connector IS used as an excellent transmission medium, anti-corrosion, anti-plug, anti-corrosion alloy shell, high hardness!

Although the beginning of 2020 has been heavy due to the epidemic, there are still better days waiting for us to work hard in the future! Every spring will come, all the pay will have a return is just the precipitation of time! Looking forward to this wonderful 2020! Dongguan Baifu is also trying to create more perfect car audio products for the majority of car friends!