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Landcool Lutzer audio retrofit and upgrade Rebec car audio

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Landcool Luze appearance of rough lines, muscular sense of full. As a hard off-road vehicle, the sense of conquest is undoubtedly a dream in the hearts of many men! Dry and weak original car audio really let owners can not lift the interest of cross-country driving, audio modification to make it possible to drive. Rebec would like to accompany you to share the joy of driving all the way!

Door sound insulation can completely turn the door into a solid firmware, which plays an obvious role in eliminating the resonance and abnormal noise of the door cavity. The sealed door is like an independent box, which can improve the sound quality of the horn.

As the main trishability of the rebbe, RS2.3 inherits the characteristic of the rebbe with full form and abundant sense of quantity, and is also very balanced in timbre. The warm sound has the rich flavor that makes people return for a long time, the rhythm is lively and lively, and the expression of detail elements and scene level also reflects good analytical power!

The wire layout is professional, the wire body is protected by network management, and the corresponding label is used for identification!

Such a change, the owner obtained an unexpected ideal effect, the treble delicate and clear, the middle sweet and natural, the music of the details of the performance is very rich.