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Ford Mustang audio upgrade Rebecqin active trident

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Fashionable shape, dynamic line, Ford Mustang gives a person's feeling is cool. To choose such a fashionable driving, as the owner of the Mustang, is also a fashionable youth, but also a fashionable youth like car music. His pursuit is dynamic rich music, for this reason, for his car audio upgrade. Ford Mustang upgraded Rebec car stereo

Sound insulation is indispensable, open the door, although the original car Mustang sound insulation effect is not bad, but in order to play the perfect sound quality horn, sound insulation is still very necessary!

Front sound field mezzo and mezzo bass reverse die mounted on the door panel! Every screw should be screwed well, the installation process can not only improve the sound quality, but also make the horn longer life!

Due to the car audio environment so that the treble and listener distance is very close, in order to sit in front of the front passenger seat can hear the accurate sound field, treble installation Angle is very important, so usually choose to treble inverted mode installed on the A column, in order to obtain accurate sound field.

Three ES2 POWER AMPLIFIER and bass power amplifier installed in the trunk, professional wiring protection, can reduce the current sound produced during work!

The whole box craft modeling! The dazzling lights show the wild and unruly style of Mustang, even in the night can not stop its dazzling light! Do you have a crush?

After upgrading, the Mustang car sound effect is clear, the details are excellent, the sound is full of elasticity and tension, and the overall sound field is open. To the owners of the real natural music to enjoy!