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Honda CITY car audio retrofit upgrade Rebec

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Sound is the soul of a car, without beautiful music, driving will become boring. He was very demanding of sound quality, and ordinary sound hardly satisfied his aesthetic needs,

Humen Feng Cheng car audio upgrade Rebec

Configuration list and equipment display

In order to alleviate the interference of noise on sound quality, refit technicians use sound insulation materials to do a double layer of sound insulation treatment of the car door, which is like making a box body around the door, in reducing noise interference such as wind noise, but also effectively enhance the three-dimensional sense of music.

Vehicle floor noise reduction is a difficult part of vehicle noise reduction work. Because we have to do shockproof and noise reduction work on a large range of thick steel sheets, and then use soundproof cotton to filter the excess noise.

RV6A's treble performance is relatively thin and soft, transparent and not bright, subjective listening sense balance is good, soft low frequency, sweet voice and rich feelings, medium frequency performance is natural and smooth, high frequency transparent and natural sound field quiet very listening! Mounted on front door panel.

The Rebec coaxial horn has a warm and bright tone and good sound elasticity. It complements the front sound field and connects the front sound field naturally, making the whole system full and mellow.

The RA80 has a softer tone and less harmonic distortion. Simple tuning, easy to control sound effects, a warm style. Hidden mounted under the rear seat.

The effect of Rebec horn makes the original sound of music restore as perfect as possible, as the original sound is transmitted in front of you, the sense of reality is strong, the sound quality is clear and bright. The owner is very happy and satisfied!