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Mitsubishi LANCE car audio retrofit and upgrade Rebec

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The Lancer EX not only inherits the Mitsubishi family's sporty genes, but is a car that you can enjoy driving. While providing driving pleasure, we also pay more attention to the safety of consumers, not only equipped with a number of active safety configuration, but also do our best in passive safety. Not only is it a sporty car, it is also a safe car, and it perfectly performs the balance of "moving and reliable". Wenzhou left channel car audio upgrade Rebec car audio!

Configuration list

The front sound field is based on RebecES903, which is the first three-frequency set speaker of the legendary series. Great effort has been put into the design. Stable and extremely delicate 3 groups of 6 pillar cast aluminum basin frame, this design can eliminate extra harmful vibration when the unit is working, the sound reduction is pure and clean.

The bass is mounted on the front door panel and decorated with dazzling lights.

The treble reverse mold is mounted on pillar A and positioned by wide sound field.

Our modification master selected in the control of the following position of the inverted mold, which can save space, and convenient operation of the owner.

ES2 is the highest end of Rebec's current power amplifier series - Legendary series, it is a two-channel power amplifier designed for listening to Hi-END. Its voice is characterized by beautiful and noble timbre, natural listening, high analytical power, sweet and moist voice, delicate and supple, belonging to a warm and soft style.

Competition-level aft tank workmanship, with dazzling lights. It's so cool

After modification and upgrading, the perfect sound effect combined with the quiet and comfortable interior environment improves the overall musical atmosphere in the car. Mitsubishi's audio modification and upgrading make the car owners happy. Sound after debugging sound field level is rich, bright treble, deep bass dive. The modification division after debugging and comparison, the sound quality to achieve the most perfect. Let the owners of the auditory experience to a new level.